what-does-an-ireland-social-media-survey-revealSurveys of any kind can be really important, but when it comes to social media usage in Ireland, the facts and figures that can be gathered by surveys can be relatively important. Some of the things that have been discovered through surveys is that marketers in Ireland are not able to measure the social media return on investment. It has also been discovered that Twitter, most of them find Twitter to be he best platform for social media marketing. There is also indicators to show that in the year 2015, nearly 75% of the professionals in Ireland were planning on increasing their social media outreach.

It is extremely interesting to note that almost 91% of those that were included in the survey had a strong belief that social media played an important role in their business. At the same time the indicators reveal that no type of measurement came up with any degree of accuracy, or any type of strategic planning being put into place.

The survey showed that 55% of those surveyed were guilty of not having key performance indicators for the social media platforms, and 51% of them were not able to determine the social media return on investment.

The major platforms that have to be looked at for social media are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When the surveyed individuals were asked how effective these platforms were, the answers were quite astounding. In fact, 55% of them found that their Facebook marketing was effective while 67% felt that Twitter was their best bet, while 59% relied on effectiveness of LinkedIn.

When it came down to what the reasons were for businesses and professionals for using the social media platforms, three of them were identified, with the number one being the purpose for increasing awareness, secondly for increased traffic, while the third was to develop fans that would remain loyal.