social-media-guide-for-irelandThe Internet is certainly very popular in Ireland and going back to 2012 the stats indicate that about 80% of the population were Internet users. Ireland can be considered a leader when it comes to smart phone internet usage. As to social media interaction, the Irish can be considered to be among the largest biggest users in Europe.

Out of all of the social media platforms that the Irish tend to use, Facebook is in the lead, followed by Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It is estimated that over 2 million of the Irish population log into their social media platforms on a daily basis. They have various reasons for wanting to do this with the most common one being they want to connect with people that they don’t get to see that often. They also use the social media for seeing photos, with some using them to enjoy playing the games offered.

When it comes to platforms such as LinkedIn,Irish professionals utilize this for their networking as well as for job recruitment, and some find it valuable to seek out foreign employees. YouTube is not left out of the social platform mix, as many of users throughout Ireland make use of this platform, and it is estimated that there are about 1.3 million of them, with a whopping 400 million views per month. LinkedIn is estimated to have about 600,000 Irish users where as Twitter boasts of about 200,000.

There is no doubt that Ireland has paved the way in making optimum usof the social media platforms. At the same time the Irish are less likely to participate in online data sharing. It is certain that the social media is certainly going to have its place in the Irish business world, although over three quarters of the adult Irish population use the Internet for personal use. Most favor the mobile connectivity too.