I Have a Small Shop. Why Do I Need Social Media?

Readers ask that question quite regularly. While we understand that running a small business is a full time, hands-on affair, we always reply with another question. That question is, “Where do you do your research nowadays, when you are thinking of buying something? In the local community paper, or on the social media pages?” I guess you know the answer already…

Because Your Market has Become Interconnected, Digital Space

digital spaceYou see, your market has become interconnected, digital space. Your competitors are out there already. That is, the big stores and the affiliate marketers on Amazon and eBay. The new normal is having a presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and so on. If you do not use these opportunities, you are going to lose business you should not have to do without.

Because Your Customers Are Reaching Out to You Already

Everybody is looking for a fair, or the best price. Many prefer not to buy from chain stores and franchises because of staff attitude. Most of their staff know very little about their products. And when you return defective goods, it is as if you caused the problem. Mind you, we are not having a go at the people. Those shops are so busy, customers are a blur.

You will get a great return on social media for a few hours of work and a few clicks of the button. You are going to find people who want to buy, as opposed to browsing in your shop because it is raining outside or they need to burn some time. Quality always wins, no matter what. When your social leads discover that you care, they are going to tell their friends.

Because There is a New World of Possibilities on Social Media

Finally, this comes down to two choices. You can sit behind the counter and limit yourself to the people walking past. Alternatively, you could reach out to new networks and grow your business. That makes more sense surely? You may have a small shop but you still need social media to crack this.