Small Irish Businesses Shunning Social Media

small-irish-businesses-shunning-social-mediaIreland is well known for being a leader in the use of the social media platforms. Yet it is still interesting to note that there are a lot of businesses that are considered to be small in stature in Ireland that are not making use of the social media platforms.

There is a lot of statistics and strong evidence to show that this may be a big mistake on their part. The statistics are showing that about 56% of those businesses that have less than 10 employees are not making a social presence. However, what boosts the statistics for those that are involved in social media happens to be the construction industry. At least one quarter or slightly more of this category of business are at least using one platform such as Facebook or Twitter.

It has been noted that in many of the small businesses that they do not have any staff is being dedicated to social media management. It could be that the small businesses don’t feel that they have the budget to participate in social media campaigns, however they are also not realizing the potential business that could be lost because of not doing this.

With such a large presence of diversified audiences from Ireland being found in the social media platforms it is every indication that the small businesses are not tapping into a potential market that they easily have access to.

If small businesses were to use the larger businesses as their mentor and examples, then they would soon learn that implementing social media strategy into their marketing plans for their business would lead them to a greater success. There are many different reasons why these companies have not as yet jumped on the bandwagon for social media marketing but as the platforms continue to grow this may change in the future.

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