Small Irish Business Not Doing Well in Social Media

small-irish-business-not-doing-well-in-social-mediaStatistics are showing that about 38% of the small businesses in Ireland are not gaining any success from their social media endeavours. This can be discouraging and can also lend to why many of the smaller businesses are simply not taking any steps to become involved in the social media platforms.

It is showing that almost 20% of the companies in Ireland do not feel comfortable incorporating the use of social media marketing tactics as part of their marketing campaigns. It is highly important that they change their way of thinking as Ireland is a leading country when it comes to the use of these social media offerings. It has been shown that at least 94% of the population is involved with one of the platforms.

Facebook is the leader with over 900 million members utilising their mobile application that is applicable for this platform. 57% of this number are over the age of 15 which makes them viable for many of the small businesses as a potential target market. Where the confusion begins to set in for the small businesses, and often why they will fail is that they have either chosen the wrong social media platform to become active in, or they don’t have the expertise needed to launch successful social media marketing campaigns.

A lot of this can be rectified by small business owners in Ireland either educating themselves as to the proper use of the platforms, or at the very least using social media marketing companies.

When it comes down to the cost factor for marketing for businesses it often works out to be much less by using social media campaigns compared to other types of marketing strategies. Small businesses that are utilizing social media and are failing need to take a step back and take a look at where the weaknesses are occurring.

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