Majority in Ireland Make use of Social Networks

majority-in-ireland-make-use-of-social-networksIt is most interesting to note how popular social media platforms are in various countries. When it comes to Ireland, it has certainly gained in popularity and puts this country as one of the leaders in regards to its use. It has been determined that out of every 10 adults in Ireland, eight of them make use of the social network channels. Added to this it has been discovered that most of them do so through their mobile devices. Aside from using social media for enjoyment many online users will experience the fun that can be found at the android casino which offers some exciting gaming activity.

For those involved in social media, most of the usage relates to those adults that use Facebook and then this is followed with YouTube, then Twitter, and LinkedIn. For individuals that like to use the Facebook platform about 80% of them do so using their smart phone or their laptop or tablet. For Twitter users in Ireland, they tend to use their smart phone app, and when it comes to the usage of a PC only about 20% use this device for logging into their Facebook account.

The statistics also show that about one quarter of the individuals using the social media platforms have indicated that the amount of data that they are uploading is increasing. There is a lot of benefits and important aspects to this increase of the social platform use. These statistics show businesses in Ireland the viability of tapping into this market by setting up the proper social media campaigns.

It also shows those that are looking at a technology career, that getting into digital marketing may be a viable choice. There is no doubt that just as the Internet has grown in leaps and bounds over the years that social media will continue to grow, and there is every chance that users will continue to see new types of social media platforms being added on a constant basis

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