Key Drivers of Social Marketing in 2017

Marketing became far more consumer-driven in this millennium. The days when we could push a sales pitch through are gone forever. Moreover, we can no longer expect our prospects to read the newspapers where we advertise. Hard copy news is so yesterday it is surprising the printing presses are still running. Besides, cutting down trees is a dealbreaker for the green set!

Three Trends to Monitor Closely This Year

We have entered a new phase where marketing is primarily digital, and the space where we do it is where our target is hunting. They may also just be curious to know what is happening on their social media pages and stumble over us. Three things happened in the past ten years that should change our game plan.

*Consumers Are Online All the Time
Wi-FiWith Wi-Fi, consumers no longer have to rely on their smartphones all the time. They can patrol their social pages with their iPads in shopping centres and restaurants 24/7 if they want to. And if they shoot us a line, they demand an answer soon. With digital, marketing became a 24/7 event too. Start thinking seriously about finding a virtual assistant on the internet. You must have cover after you tuck up in bed.

*We Are in the Instant Gratification Age
The days when we could close the doors of the office or the shop vanished with the millennium too. It is hard to believe we used to make customers wait outside the door in the morning until our self-ordained opening time. Someone else, some other people, in fact many other people are doing exactly what you do, regardless of the one discriminator you put out to pretend you are unique.

We must reset our clocks to customer time if we want to prosper. And we must vacate the office or showroom for the cyberspace.

The third thing to watch in 2017 is the numbers of firms that are going to close. Because they did notice that social media changed their world, or they did not think it mattered.