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Earning a Social Media Marketing Diploma in Ireland

A career that involves becoming a social media expert requires extra effort to obtain a diploma in social media marketing. Ireland is known to be the second from the top when it comes to the use of the social media platforms. This includes the business enterprises that are located here which means that many

What Makes Irish Companies Use the Social Media

Irish business entities will often follow mentors to help them scale up their business. A prime example of this is David Levine, who is the social media guru for BBC and The Voice as well as others. David hosted a class based on the use of Twitter so that the Irish businesses could learn

Capitalizing on Social Media For Business in Ireland

Irish business persons have become quite savvy at making use of the Internet to scale up their business. This includes those that have only offline offerings as well as online. One of the resources that they are beginning to heavily rely on is the social media platforms. There are many ways that they are

Irish Businesses Second Largest EU Social Media Users

The 2015 statistics show that many of the businesses in Ireland are making good use of different types of social media. This includes Facebook and Twitter as well as YouTube. It is shown that a good portion of those who have employees of 10 or more tend to use social media to advance their

Largest Gathering for Irish Social Media Summit

It shouldn’t be seen as being unusual that Ireland has been able to host the largest social media summit they have held to date. Ireland is to be considered as a leading country when it comes to the use of the social media platforms. In March 2016, the biggest social media summit was held

HSE Makes Use of Social Media Experts and Food Blogger

It would appear that in order to keep up with the times the HSE has decided to rely on the social media platforms to get their messages through. In order to do this, they have taken on board several social media experts as advisers to assist them with with this. One of the gurus