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Why Social Media Failed Some Irish Companies

Many large and small scale companies in Ireland have begun to branch out into the social media platforms as a means for increasing their business presence. There are some that have failed which has left them with a bad impression of the viability of the social media audience. If one takes a close look

Key Drivers of Social Marketing in 2017

Marketing became far more consumer-driven in this millennium. The days when we could push a sales pitch through are gone forever. Moreover, we can no longer expect our prospects to read the newspapers where we advertise. Hard copy news is so yesterday it is surprising the printing presses are still running. Besides, cutting down

I Have a Small Shop. Why Do I Need Social Media?

Readers ask that question quite regularly. While we understand that running a small business is a full time, hands-on affair, we always reply with another question. That question is, “Where do you do your research nowadays, when you are thinking of buying something? In the local community paper, or on the social media pages?”

Companies in Ireland Capitalizing on Social Media

For those that are looking at broadening their horizons in the social media marketing careers in Ireland, there are many businesses that can certainly take advantage of the professional who skilled in this particular area. These are businesses that are technology-based as well as social media companies and a large range of e-commerce companies.

A Higher Certificate in Business for Social Media Marketing

What many don’t realise is that many of the major social media providers have implemented head offices throughout Ireland which includes Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Twitter. For individuals that are looking for a career that is going to be solid and secure for the future one should really take a look at obtaining a

Small Irish Business Not Doing Well in Social Media

Statistics are showing that about 38% of the small businesses in Ireland are not gaining any success from their social media endeavours. This can be discouraging and can also lend to why many of the smaller businesses are simply not taking any steps to become involved in the social media platforms. It is showing

Small Irish Businesses Shunning Social Media

Ireland is well known for being a leader in the use of the social media platforms. Yet it is still interesting to note that there are a lot of businesses that are considered to be small in stature in Ireland that are not making use of the social media platforms. There is a lot

Irish Social Media Training Courses and Digital Marketing Strategy

Once a business in Ireland has decided that they are ready to branch in to the social media arena for the promotion of their business then they have to start taking a look at a digital marketing strategy. This all begins with social media training. There are many different types of platforms within the

Majority in Ireland Make use of Social Networks

It is most interesting to note how popular social media platforms are in various countries. When it comes to Ireland, it has certainly gained in popularity and puts this country as one of the leaders in regards to its use. It has been determined that out of every 10 adults in Ireland, eight of

Choosing Social Media Marketing Agency in Dublin

The business enterprises in Ireland have a couple of great choices when it comes to implementing social media marketing strategies within their business. They can choose to go through the learning process and do them this themselves, or they can choose a social media marketing agency Dublin entity. There are new companies opening up